Computational Intelligence workshop - researchers from all over Germany discuss methods of machine intelligence

InIT employees present their latest research results at the 33rd Computational Intelligence Workshop. The workshop took place from 22.11.-24.11.2023 for the third time in Berlin.

inIT mployee Julian Knaup presents his contribution on the comparison of generation algorithms for adversarial examples on tabular data.

The Computational Intelligence workshop brings together leading scientists in the field of machine intelligence from all over Germany every year. In this year's keynotes, Dr. Jochen Cremer from TU Delft spoke on artificial intelligence (AI) in energy systems and Dr. Amir Pourabdollah from Nottingham Trent University on optimization through quantum intelligence.

inIT was represented by research group leader Christoph-Alexander Holst and a contribution by research associate Julian Knaup. In his contribution "Robust Training with Adversarial Examples on Industrial Data", image processing algorithms are compared that exploit the weaknesses of AI and are transferred to an industrial context. "Due to the professorial audience, the contributions were discussed much more intensively than I was used to at previous conferences," says Julian Knaup.

The Young Author Award was presented twice this time. It went firstly to Fabian Ostermann from TU Dortmund University for his work on generative neural networks in the context of music and secondly to Farzad Rezazadeh from the University of Kassel for his work on modeling the manufacturing process for high-performance concrete.