Our mission is to shape digitization.

In a world where much will be digitized in the future, intelligent automation will play a key role as a link between the real and virtual worlds. For successful realization and design, the focus on future cross-industry requirements is of central importance. In this context, inIT is a leading shaper of the future and you too can become a part of it. If you are interested in intelligent technical systems, want to look behind them, understand them and improve them, then you have come to the right place! Our mission is to shape digitization.

We want to offer young people the opportunity of a structured scientific further qualification. You will work at inIT in an intercultural and international team. The professional expertise in different research areas enables an uncomplicated?? (simple)interdisciplinary collaboration.

We can offer you a very special environment for the exciting future field of intelligent automation. Short distances between the OWL University of Applied Sciences, the Science-to-Business Center CENTRUM INDUSTRIAL IT, the research and demonstration factory SmartFactoryOWL, the research area SmartFoodTechnologyOWL or Digital Health Sciences, etc. enable a wide range of opportunities for interaction with experts from science and industry.

You have various entry opportunities with us: You can be hired as a Student Assistant (SHK), a Research Assistant (WHK), or a Research Associate.
In the competition for the best talents, competence, quality and a thirst for knowledge are the most important requirements. All activities are carried out in publicly funded joint projects or industrial contract research projects.

Besides, at inIT, there is the possibility to complete an IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) training for the professions of IT specialist or management assistant for digitization management.

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