Workshop Computational Intelligence - Researchers from all over Germany discuss methods of machine intelligence

InIT employees present their latest research approaches at the 32nd Computational Intelligence Workshop of the "Measurement and Automation Technology" expert committee of the VDI/VDE Society in Berlin.

Figure 1: inIT employee Julian Bültemeier presents his approach to neural style transfer for the design of banknotes.

Leading researchers in the field of machine intelligence from all over Germany meet annually at the Computational Intelligence Workshop. The workshop is characterised in particular by a pronounced technical depth of the method-based contributions. This year's focus was particularly, but not exclusively, on methods of explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) and time series prediction. The workshop took place for the second time from 01.12.-02.12.2022 in Berlin.

The inIT was represented by research group leader Christoph-Alexander Holst and a contribution by research assistant Julian Bültemeier. His contribution "Spatial Control in Model-Based Neural Style Transfer" discusses the latest updates on how AI can be used to design secure banknotes. "All the contributions were discussed intensively at the workshop. That was extremely good. I didn't know that from other conferences before," says Julian Bültemeier.

The Young Authors Award has exceptionally been awarded twice this year. It went to Christopher Diehl from TU Dortmund University for his work in the context of autonomous driving and to Fabian Schneider from the University of Siegen for his work on "Constrained Design of Experiments".