ML Deep Dive: Image Processing Webinar

Lecture "early-stage CNN" by inIT employee Anton Pfeifer

The organizers of the webinar at CITEC of Bielefeld University

Around 75 participants took part in the new "ML Deep Dive" event series, which is aimed in particular at technically interested individuals with basic knowledge in the subject area of machine learning. The new format is intended to give all interested parties a deeper insight into the subject.

In several lecture blocks, the topic area "Image Processing" was explored, from the basics in image and object recognition with artificial neural networks (KNN) to model generation based on a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). In the lecture "early-stage CNN" by Anton Pfeifer, research associate at inIT, it was described how CNNs recognize objects on images and how own architectures for object recognition can be implemented. The lecture contents were presented in parallel in (Jupyter) notebooks, which allowed a practical examination of the topic.

The event took place in cooperation with DATA-SCIENCE-MEETUP-BIELEFELD, DIGITAL IN NRW and CITEC of Bielefeld University.

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