Guest student from the University of Pavia visits inIT

The Institute Industrial IT (inIT) at TH OWL recently welcomed Ms Krithiga Ramesh on a taster visit to the working groups of Prof. Dr Lukasz Wisniewski and Prof. Dr Jürgen Jasperneite.

Prof. Dr. Lukasz Wisniewski, Maxim Friesen, and Krithiga Ramesh (from left) are visiting the SmartFactoryOWL.

Ms Ramesh studies at the University of Pavia in Italy in the Master's programme Industrial Automation Engineering and also acts as a student ambassador for her department. Through the regular scientific exchange with Prof. Dr. Tullio Facchinetti from the University of Pavia and the renewed joint organisation of the international IEEE conference WFCS 2023 in Pavia, many new contacts and ideas for possible further cooperation were exchanged. In this way, a possible guest stay of Ms. Ramesh at the Lemgo location was also initiated, who was involved in the conference as a social media representative for her university. Thus, the extensive technical and scientific infrastructure at the Innovation Campus Lemgo should support Ms. Ramesh in her planned Master's thesis and provide the necessary practical means for a hands-on implementation.

During the resulting short stay, Ms Ramesh gathered her first personal impressions of the campus and the city of Lemgo and discussed possible work topics and use cases for her upcoming thesis with Prof. Dr Lukasz Wisniewski and research assistant Maxim Friesen.

Due to their interest in robotics in an industrial environment, the Jackal Unmanned Guided Vehicle (UGV) was at the forefront as a development and application platform. This has already been actively used for several years in various research projects for the implementation of different use cases, most recently in the projects 5G4Industry, 5GSimone and soon also in DeSiReNG and TwinAIR. Battery-optimised driving control and autonomised AI-supported indoor jackal routing, e.g. within the SmartFactoryOWL or the CIIT building, were discussed as possible work topics and will be fleshed out in the coming weeks.

In a few months, we hope to welcome Ms. Ramesh for a longer stay in Lemgo to tackle the topic she has worked out for her thesis by then.