Third milestone meeting of Arbeitswelt.Plus

On 16 November 2023, the third milestone meeting of Arbeitswelt.Plus took place in Paderborn, a full-day event with an extensive program. During the morning, the focus was on the presentation and discussion of the results of the eight lighthouse projects, some of which have already been completed, in which specific solutions for the use of AI in the world of work are being developed. This session gave the project participants the opportunity to take an in-depth look at and discuss the progress and findings from these projects.

The participants of the 3rd milestone meeting in Paderborn.

The afternoon was dedicated to business model development for the Arbeitswelt.Plus platform, using a World Café format. This interactive part of the meeting was divided into three stations where the participants brainstormed together. By using various guiding questions, a wide range of impulses, assessments and questions to be developed further were collected. The aim of this collaborative session was to generate a broad spectrum of ideas and perspectives that would contribute to the further development and improvement of the Arbeitswelt.Plus platform.



New transfer projects launched

The transfer projects, which are being launched in parallel to the completed lighthouse projects, are specially tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. They have a duration of 6 to 12 months and are intended to make it easier for companies to access new technologies and demonstrate their practical applicability in the working environment. inIT is involved in four transfer projects.

The first transfer project focuses on the investigation of forecasting models for more efficient resource planning. This transfer project is being carried out in cooperation with Wöhler Technik GmbH. Another project focuses on the application of AI technologies to improve the fit of coaching dyads - the matching of coach and coachee. This is being carried out in collaboration with Bielefeld University and Möglichkeiten GbR. Furthermore, the application of large language models in the medical field is being researched in a project with Klinikum Lippe. A fourth project in cooperation with baumhueter extrusion GmbH deals with the development and implementation of machine learning methods to support employees in classifying samples in quality assurance.


About Arbeitswelt.Plus

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