Apprenticeship at the inIT

Two new apprentices started

Simon Jonas Leister (left) and Colin Voigt (right) like to spend their breaks on the available seating in the modern building.

Since September 2021, the Institute Industrial IT (inIT) has been pleased to have two new faces in its ranks: Colin Voigt (19) has started his apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration and Simon Jonas Leister (20) has begun a dual study program in technical computer science with accompanying training as an IT specialist for application development. We found out how the two enjoyed their first two months in an interview.

How do you like it at the institute so far?

Colin: So far I like it very much! I'm learning a lot of new things and get along very well with my colleagues, they are very nice and helpful.

Simon Jonas: So far, I'm also really enjoying the training. We spent the first month mainly in the home office, and from the beginning of October I'll be sitting in an office together with Colin. This gives us the opportunity to talk about our tasks and help each other, which I like.

How did you find out about the apprenticeship?

Colin: Towards the end of my graduation at Lüttfeld Berufskolleg, the topic of the future became increasingly important to me and I soon realized that I wanted to do an apprenticeship. My graduation was in the field of computer science. I was most interested in the subject area of systems integration. After a long research, I found the information flyer about the IT specialist apprenticeship at the OWL University of Applied Sciences and arts. The tasks that were described there were exactly the topics that interested me and in which I would like to further my education. Therefore, I applied directly and was very happy when I received the acceptance letter.

Simon Jonas: It was actually similar for me. I applied for the advertised apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development and then, after my interview, I was offered the opportunity to do a dual study program in combination with the apprenticeship. This was the perfect option for me, as I would have liked to follow up my apprenticeship with a degree anyway. This way I can combine everything directly.

What specific tasks do you have at inIT?

Colin: I'm currently learning a lot about web development. I'm doing a lot of research on the different scripting languages and making smaller projects to practice on. In the course of the training, service will still be a task of mine. I will answer questions about IT problems and help staff and students. I will also deal a lot with information and communication systems. But my main task at the moment is to continue my education and to learn a lot for my future at inIT.

Simon Jonas: My first task so far has mainly included creating documentation for the installation of various programs. For example, in collaboration with Dr. Nils Beckmann, I created instructions for his course "PS 1", which guides students through the installation of a compiler and a integrated development environment. I have also gained some programming experience working with an Arduino microcontroller.

How do you like the ambience here?

Colin & Simon Jonas: The ambience is impressive. Everything is very modern, there are various seating areas in the building and at Ciitrus you can have a delicious lunch or a coffee. We also like our shared office very much. The work is a lot of fun and the colleagues are very friendly and helpful. Most of the people offered us to be on a first-name basis, so you feel very welcome.