Human-Computer Interaction

KI.inklusiv: Ki-gestützte Assistenz zur Förderung dezentraler Inklusion

01.08.2022 bis 01.07.2026

The impact of the Corona pandemic on workshops for people with disabilities and their employees have shown that solutions for a digital transformation are urgently needed. For example, the necessary care and work in the workshops can no longer be fully implemented on-site due to the hygiene requirements that must be maintained. For the decentralized work and care of employees in the home office, on the other hand, there is a lack of digital solutions to support employees in carrying out work processes and communicating with caregivers.


To increase the resilience of a workshop, the individual requirements of people with disabilities must be recognized at an early stage, and a situational need for support must be optimally responded to and learned from. Thus, resilience is crucial for providing social work both within workshops (centralized) and in the home office (decentralized). However, there is a lack of assistance systems that can recognize stress situations and quality fluctuations in the execution of assembly and rehabilitation processes in workshops to adapt the support of the employees accordingly.


Therefore, the research project's goal is to develop and evaluate an assistance system for workshops based on an AI-based resilience management approach. This approach will enable workshops to anticipate a need for support among people with disabilities, both within the workshops and in the home office, at an early stage and to provide appropriate forms of support through the assistance system. Either automatically or through the involvement of a coach. The assistance system aims to empower people with disabilities to learn more complex and varied work processes and to perform them as independently as possible.

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Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
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Funding Code: 13FH560KB0
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