Industrial Communication Technology, Industrial Ethernet

itsowl-TT-IntRTE: Integrationskonzepte für Echtzeit Ethernet in intelligenten Kantenanleimmaschinen

01.09.2014 bis 30.06.2015

The heterogeneous communication architectures of today's edge banding machines require complex engineering. The associated large amount of know-how required for commissioning and the high time expenditures for commissioning and maintenance are critical, especially with regard to the increasing cost pressure. This transfer project is therefore investigating optimization potential with regard to the communication systems used in edge banding machines by using existing integration concepts and incorporating the self-configuration mechanisms developed in the "Intelligent Networking" cross-sectional project.

This project is promoted by:
Sponsors: Projektträger Karlsruhe Produktion und Fertigungstechnologien (PTKA-PFT)
Funding Code: 02PQ3062
Funding Lines: it's OWL Spitzencluster