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inBAKA: Industrielles Backplane-System für eine kontaktlose Anbindung anreihbarer Automatisierungskomponenten

01.09.2009 bis 31.08.2011

The aim of the project is to implement a contactless connection of automation components for data transmission and power connection in the form of a backplane solution that can be integrated into mounting rails. This eliminates the need for electromechanical contacts on the components, which in addition to advantages during installation also facilitates the implementation of high protection classes (e.g. IP 67) for extended fields of application. This has to be investigated against the background of automation technology and the resulting boundary conditions (cycle time for the transmission of a process image approx. 10 ms, no interference due to electromagnetic fields in the control cabinet, etc.).
For this purpose, theoretical system concepts and investigations are necessary. Partial aspects arising in the process will have to be clarified metrologically, and a prototypical realization of a solution for automation components that can be lined up will be set up for testing.
inBAKA aims to prove the technical feasibility of the innovation idea and to validate it on a demonstrator. The result should be modules for system connection that can be integrated into various automation technology devices. This combines the simplest installation with a free connection of the components and thus creates the basis for enabling new concepts in mechanical and plant engineering with innovative elements of electrical connection technology.

This project is promoted by:
Sponsors: Bundesland Nordrhein-Westfalen
Funding Lines: Ziel2.NRW (EFRE): Transfer.NRW - FH Extra
Employees: Derk Wesemann, M. Sc.