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FuSeFe: Fusionierte diskriminierungsfreie Sicherheitsmerkmale für sichere Banknoten

01.07.2017 bis 30.06.2020

The FuSeFe research project aims at realising completely new security features for banknotes and other security documents, being more useful to people. The focus is, besides the topic “safe and anonymous cash payment”, on an innovation leap by fusing non-discriminatory security features which can be easily perceived and memorised and which are machine-readable at the same time. As a result, a corresponding high leverage effect will be achieved on security documents’ verifiability, usability, and application. The research group “Discrete Systems” has been working on the research area “Document Security” since 12 years. The topic is integrated in the Institute Industrial IT (inIT). It is to be strengthened as a portfolio strategy.

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Projektträger Jülich
Funding Code: 005-1703-0013
Funding Lines: NRW. Zeit für Forschung
Stakeholders / Contacts: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Lohweg
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