Engineering und Konfiguration

SensMi: Sensorische Mikroelektronik

01.05.2007 bis 30.06.2009


In the aforementioned project, the task in the field of applied research is to realize magnetoresitive multisensors for position detection in harsh environmentsSensors are finding more and more new applications in automation. Thus their number and the amount of work for installation and maintenance increases. Especially sensors that are mechanically stressed or used under adverse conditions have a limited lifetime. Therefore, the trend is towards sensors without mechanical actuators. With new concepts it is possible to replace mechanical sensors with wear-free sensors...


The task is to develop a sensor for , specific applications. In order to adapt the sensor for its task in the best possible way, the environment and the actuator of the sensor are investigated. With this knowledge, a sensor process was developed that can survive in found, harsh environments such as automotive applications. The second criterion is durability. For this reason, only wear-free methods or methods that are suitable for the stresses are used. The preference is for capacitive, inductive, piezoelectric effects and optoelectronic sensing of sensor signals. Most sensors are designed in such a way that they can be used for a wide range of applications...

Research activities

Besides the investigation of different methods, the integration into stable mechatronic environments like printed circuit boards is in the foreground.

Das Projekt wird gefördert durch:
Projektbeteiligte / Ansprechpartner: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Lohweg, Dipl.-Ing. Roland Hildebrand
Komparative Studie zur Anwendung von CAN und FlexRay
Alexander Altergot
Simulation und Implementierung einer Karhunen-Loéve-Transformation auf einem FPGA
Entwicklung eines eingebetteten Systems für die Fuzzy-Klassifikation von Datensätzen
Dr. rer. nat. Alexander Maier
Modellbildung und Umsetzung einer motorisch magnetorheologischen Aktorik zum Entwurf einer haptischen Fuzzy-Regelung in Matlab
Sascha Alexander