New lecture series: Talks on Future World Empowerment

What should I learn in the age of ChatGPT?

Well-known mathematics professor opens new lecture series for international students at the Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe.


International students of TH OWL at the new lecture series "Talks on Future World Empowerment".

Professor Dr. Jürgen Jasperneite, initiator of the new event series

Professor Dr. Bruno Buchberger is one of Austria's best-known and most successful mathematicians

Professor Dr. Bruno Buchberger gave the lecture on "What should I learn in the age of ChatGPT?"

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering at TH OWL is launching a new format called "Talks on Future World Empowerment." Initiator Jürgen Jasperneite, Professor at TH OWL and Director of the Fraunhofer-Institute in Lemgo: "Our international students in the master's program in Information Technology should be able to develop a holistic understanding of science, business and society and assume more social responsibility. The goal is for students to become future engineers and computer scientists who are actively involved in finding solutions to the big questions facing our world and humanity."

Professor Dr. Bruno Buchberger, who is one of Austria's best-known and most successful mathematicians, kicked off the event. He invented the so-called Gröbner bases, which are used to solve nonlinear systems of equations. This method is now used worldwide in computer mathematics. So it's no wonder Buchberger has six honorary doctorates.

The title of his talk was "What Should I Learn in the Age of ChatGPT?" He presented a model according to which we humans engage with the world around us through the triad of observing, thinking and acting. In this process, through reflection or self-application, the tools of observing, thinking, and acting can themselves be continuously improved to achieve progress. Therefore, he encouraged the students to devote themselves equally to these three areas and not to leave any of them to others.

Bruno Buchberger: "In the age of ChatGPT, natural intelligence and, at the same time, social empathy must be developed even more deeply and comprehensively than before. Only then can the next waves of intelligent systems be invented and used in a socially beneficial and responsible way."

The event took place in a new area at the Centrum Industrial IT that had been set up specifically for this series of talks.

After touring the Innovation Campus Lemgo and visiting the city center, Buchberger was visibly impressed by the picturesque downtown area and the outstanding infrastructures surrounding TH-OWL, such as the Fraunhofer Institute, CIIT, SmartFactoryOWL and InnovationSPIN.

This lecture series contributes to "LemGO FUTURE", a call and an attitude to always think big and dare to do new things in order to achieve progress together.

The next round of talks with students will be designed by Professor Dr. Jie Wang from Stanford University in the heart of Silicon Valley. The topic will be: Involving humans in decision making of technical systems through computational learning and knowledge integration.