AI Day: AI in Engineering – Explore Trends and Standards

Volker Lohweg: Is less more? Sparse Data in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. A look at the industrial world.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in product development holds great potential for economic growth and increased productivity. Up to now 13 percent of the gross domestic product is expected to be generated in Germany in 2025 with services and products based on the use of AI. This corresponds to a turnover of 488 billion euros. These figures show that the use of AI is worthwhile. However, how can small and medium-sized enterprises in particular use AI applications in product creation? How can they provide the right data and what if only little data are available?

In this context, prostep ivip and it's OWL jointly invited to the virtual AI Day 2022 on 01 December 2022 as part of the AI Marketplace. It was shown where the benefits of AI in engineering lie, how AI can be introduced in companies and practical examples from industry partners of the AI marketplace were presented.

The topic of Artificial Intelligence in engineering was highlighted. This brought together professionals, executives, experts and scientists from the AI community and product development to demonstrate the potential of AI and bridge the gap between the two fields.

In his keynote speech "Is less more? - Sparse Data in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning", Prof. Dr. Volker Lohweg highlighted the possibilities and best practices of handling only a small amount of available data in an industrial context.