Automation and safety: inIT presents SUSI innovation project at the it's OWL Strategy Conference 2024

The SUSI project, which aims to improve the safety of production facilities, was presented at the recent it's OWL Strategy Conference 2024.

Lisa Gebauer and Marco Ehrlich present the SUSI project at the it's OWL Strategy Conference 2024

The working groups "Networked Automation Systems" headed by Prof. Henning Trsek and "Computer Networks" headed by Prof. Jürgen Jasperneite are significantly involved in the SUSI project. Lisa Gebauer and Marco Ehrlich, both research assistants at inIT, were responsible for presenting the project at the strategy conference.


Project description and industry partners

The project "Software-based support of security risk assessments in industry" (SUSI) aims to optimize the manual processes of risk assessment and security certification in production plants through automation. The collaboration with industry partners such as Weidmüller, Comma Soft and rt-solutions enables the development of a software solution that relieves specialists of routine tasks and leads to faster decision-making with regard to security issues.

The presentation of the project at the strategy conference underlines the interest in innovative research and practical solutions in the field of industrial information technology. The cooperation between academic research and industry promises to significantly improve the safety and efficiency of production facilities.


Further information on the project can be found here: