inIT participation in the CIIT coffeetalk

Prof. Henning Trsek provides impulses for following discussion

Prof. Henning Trsek (center) welcomed the guests with Anja Moldehn and Ludwig Deutsch.

How has the Corona crisis changed the possibilities of working? How much home office should continue to be possible? What makes an employer interesting for new workers and sets it apart from its competitors? These and other exciting questions were discussed at the recent CIIT coffeetalk. The invitation to the networking breakfast at the Centrum Industrial IT (CIIT) was accepted by almost 20 representatives from a wide range of industrial and scientific sectors.

When it comes to digitization and industrial automation, companies and research institutions in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region are ahead of the game. Nevertheless, it is a challenge for small and large employers to find and retain skilled workers over the long term. How can regional opportunities be publicized so that people in OWL look for new challenges? Ludwig Deutsch, Innovation Manager in Research and Development at Miele, and Professor Henning Trsek, Head of Networked Automation Systems at the Institute Industrial IT (inIT) at the OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, provided the initial impetus for the discussions that followed. Both see the opportunities offered by the OWL region with its mix of industry and university institutions as special. "At this location, we can solve problems in science that then actually reach reality, i.e. industry. In addition, new opportunities for collaboration can always be found to promote and retain young talent as well," says Prof. Trsek. Both Trsek and Deutsch have sought their way back to OWL after professional stations in other cities and, in some cases, countries, in order to be able to live out and drive precisely these opportunities. on the inIT side, research group leader Natalia Moriz also took part.

"We are delighted that our Coffeetalk was so well received. We believe that it is important to network across companies and exchange experiences. I think that everyone was able to go home with new ideas and, above all, enjoyed sitting around a table with people again for an exchange," sums up CIIT Managing Director Anja Moldehn.