2nd Consortium Meeting of the AI Marketplace

How AI redesigns product creation

Smiling faces at the 2nd milestone meeting of the AI marketplace. ©it's owl

Since the platform launch in March 2021, the AI marketplace has offered companies a central place to solve their product creation challenges with the help of AI. In the meantime, about half a project year has passed. This is a good time for the second AI Marketplace consortium meeting on October 28 and 29.

The first day of the meeting focused on the topics of AI in product creation and the services of the active platform. In addition, the individual pilot projects presented their interim status. On the second day, the main focus was on the platform. Here, the strategy, specification and implementation were discussed and handled together. In a subsequent workshop, the meeting participants were then able to test the service marketplace at a base level.

"We at inIT presented the current status of data quality. In addition, we are currently working on a service that will be available on the marketplace in the future and can check data for quality," reports inIT project member Alexander Dicks. "It's really remarkable what has already been created since the project started in January 2020. The platform is constantly evolving and we are bringing more and more AI providers and users together. We are looking forward to the next year of the project," he continues.

In the context of the AI marketplace, the "AI Day" will take place on 18.11.2021. This is dedicated to the topic of how AI is revolutionizing product creation. After all, 13% of the gross domestic product in Germany is expected to be generated with services and products based on the use of AI in 2025. This corresponds to sales of 488 billion euros. But how can small and medium-sized enterprises in particular introduce AI applications in product creation? Sign up and find out: