SEC_PRO: sichere Produktion mit verteilten Automatisierungssystemen.

Markus Runde , Stefan Hausmann , Christopher Tebbe , Björn Czybik , Karl-Heinz Niemann , Stefan Heiss and Jürgen Jasperneite,
Dec 2014

The SEC_PRO project pursued the possibility of developing a novel IT security solution for automation systems. The determination of the state of the art showed that IT security in automation technology is characterized by solutions of standard IT in office networks without addressing special requirements of automation technology. A requirements analysis revealed that IT security solutions are needed that can be reconciled with the increasing degree of networking in automation systems. To this end, an IT security layer for the PROFINET protocol has been designed and implemented that provides integrated protection for communication and the components themselves. Security token technologies are used specifically for this purpose. An evaluation of the cryptographic functions showed that their use is possible under certain conditions. With the help of a demonstrator, the real-time capability of the IT security layer has been validated and its protective effect demonstrated. SEC_PRO can be seen as a starting point for further projects concerning integrated IT security measures aimed at applying cryptography in automation technology.

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