In: 10. Wireless Technologies Kongress 2008

Reproduzierbare Vermessung von Funksystemen in zeit- und frequenzselektiven Fading-Umgebungen

Manuel Bastert , Konstantin Nußbaum , Valentin Düe , Manuel Keinhorst and Uwe Meier,
Sep 2008

The determining factors for application-related system properties of radio systems are the radio technology, the environmental properties and the device properties. Reproducible system measurements on radio systems can only be made with channel emulators. Such measurements are impossible in real environments because neither the time invariance of the environment nor the reproducibility of the installation locations can be guaranteed. Channel emulation offers time and cost advantages because measurement trips and on-site installations are avoided and can be replaced by measurements in the laboratory. The challenge is to capture the relevant properties of the real environment and to emulate them in the emulation.

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