In: 10. Wireless Technologies Kongress 2008

Maritime Funkanwendungen - Einsatzszenarien und Erprobungsmessungen

Manuel Bastert , Vjaceslav Magazinik , Manuel Keinhorst and Uwe Meier,
Sep 2008

Radio technologies in the 2.4 GHz ISM band have already established themselves in numerous domestic and industrial applications. It therefore makes sense to use such applications in the maritime environment as well, especially since laying cables on a ship is associated with high costs. Thus, the use of wireless systems can be a flexible and cost-saving improvement. However, an environment predominantly characterized by metallic surfaces poses potential problems with regard to transmission characteristics. In order to determine the limits of the use of wireless technologies, extensive measurements were carried out to determine the channel parameters, which can be used as a basis for planning future applications.

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