Real-time image processing, Industrial signal processing, Medical data infrastructures

Projektwerkstatt Gesundheit 4.0: Projektwerkstatt Gesundheit 4.0

01.04.2016 bis 30.06.2019

Future-oriented project development & sustainable innovation transfer:

The digitization of healthcare is a key factor in improving quality and care, increasing transparency and user orientation, and reducing costs. The power of new information technologies and networking in the "Internet of Things" will permanently change healthcare services. However, the digitization of the healthcare industry follows its own development logic, and innovations are often delayed in reaching the market. The Health 4.0 project promotes the digital transformation by bringing together the dynamic developments and ideas from the context of Industry 4.0 with application fields of personal services in the healthcare sector.


The aim of the project is to establish and consistently operate a project workshop Health 4.0, initiating collaborations between players in the healthcare industry and application-oriented research, harnessing new opportunities for innovation transfer, and implementing ideas and projects in the application fields of Mobile Health, Human Mechatronics and User Orientation.

This project is promoted by:
NRW EFRE 2014-2020, Bez.-Reg. Detmold
Funding Code: 34-EFRE-0300024
Funding Lines: EFRE.NRW
Promoted by
NRW EFRE 2014-2020, Bez.-Reg. Detmold