Real-time image processing

itsowl-TT-improve: Intelligente Materialprüfung zur optischen Verformungserfassung

01.09.2016 bis 10.10.2017

Precision stainless steel tubes have to resist high pressure loads. Depending on the application environment, specific requirements and standards are to be ensured. Necessary product tests, conducted with the state-of-the-art dynamic pressure test, are very time-consuming and inadequate for certain markets like aviation engineering. Therefore, Sandvik recognises the need to enter further market segments and to serve more efficiently existing markets by a new optical test procedure. On the basis of the present description, we will especially evaluate a system for a camera-based deformation detection of high-pressure tubes during a burst testing by means of a demonstrator.

This project is promoted by:
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF), Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Innovation, Digitalisierung und Energie des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (MWIDE NRW)
Sponsors: Projektträger Karlsruhe Produktion und Fertigungstechnologien (PTKA-PFT)
Funding Code: 02PQ3062
Funding Lines: it’s OWL – Intelligente Technische Systeme Ostwestfalen-Lippe
Stakeholders / Contacts: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Lohweg
Employees: Dr. rer. nat. Sahar Deppe, Christian Wissel, M. Sc.
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