Pattern recognition

itsowl-TT-IDAHO: Identifikation von Betriebszuständen und vorbeugende Wartung von Hochdruckpumpen

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Oliver Niggemann
01.08.2015 bis 30.06.2016

The aim of this project is the implementation of an intelligent assistance system for the automated monitoring of high-pressure pumps used for waterjet cutting.

The assistance system has features for the automatic learning of behavior models of the high-pressure pump, an intelligent counting system for the operating hours of individual pump components (e.g. piston or sealing heads) and it also includes forecasting capabilities for the purpose of a preventive maintenance plan for high-pressure pumps.

For this, existing learning methods developed in the Spitzencluster Querschnittsprojekt „Energieeffizienz“ are used and will be integrated into the commercial remote control software owned by symmedia GmbH. This will lead to a visible benefit (e.g. increased machine availability due to predicted maintenance) for the operator of the high-pressure system.

This project is promoted by:
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
Sponsors: Projektträger Karlsruhe Produktion und Fertigungstechnologien (PTKA-PFT)
Funding Code: 02PQ3062
Funding Lines: it's OWL Spitzencluster
Stakeholders / Contacts: Johann Badinger, M. Sc., André Mankowski, B. Sc.
Employees: Johann Badinger, M. Sc., André Mankowski, B. Sc.
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