Montexas 4.0: Exzellente Montage im Kontext der Industrie 4.0

Dr. inIT Vorstand
02.04.2017 bis 30.09.2020

The subject of the joint project is the research and proving of new assistance systems for an assembly and the associated changes in work organization and personnel development. The aim is to demonstrate productivity and competency potential of informational assistance systems and their implementation in manual and hybrid assembly in the context of new technological developments. These include, in particular, new sensor technologies that lead to the development of >>Wearables<< (e.g. wired gloves), >>Local Positioning Systems<< (e.g. ultrasonic-based hand movement detection), >>Augmented Reality<< including projection-based methods. The real time processing and acquisition of the data lead to new support possibilities for the employees, so-called >>Smart Services<<. The results of the research project will be presented in the form of practical guidelines.

This project is promoted by:
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
Alexander Nikolenko, Philip Sehr, M. Sc., Sven Bendzioch, Prof. Dr. Sven Hinrichsen
Digital Assembly Assistance Systems – A Case Study
In: Advances in Human Factors and Systems Interaction, Jul 2019
Philip Sehr, M. Sc., Dipl.-Math. Natalia Moriz, Sven Bendzioch, Prof. Dr. Sven Hinrichsen
Ansätze für Komplexitätsreduktion in manuellen Montageprozessen
In: AUTOMATION 2019: Autonomous Systems and 5G in Connected Industries, Jul 2019
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