Industrielle Kommunikation, Industrial Ethernet

iPERF: Ermittlung von Leistungsparametern von Industrial Ethernet Switches

01.04.2006 bis 31.03.2007

In the field of automation systems Industrial Ethernet is used increasingly. Core components of these networks are so-called Switches (Multiport Bridges). Their characteristics determines the quality of the network regarding real-time behavior, availabilty etc.  In co-operation with the german magazine ELEKTRONIK we carry out a comparative study at industrial ethernet components of all considerable manufacturers, in which important parameters, like throughput,  latency, frame loss rate, QoS support etc. are determined. These parameters are determined following the standardized test procedures RFC-2544 and RFC-2889. For measuring the QoS characteristics a new test procedure was developed.

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Stakeholders / Contacts: Dipl.-Ing. Sergej Gamper
Research project
Konformitätsuntersuchungen an Industrial Ethernet Systemen
Daniela Poppek