Pattern recognition

AmLight: Ambientbeleuchtung im Automotive-Umfeld

01.07.2009 bis 30.06.2010


In the next few years, LEDs are expected to change significantly in terms of performance, controllability, size and variety of combinations. According to a study by Audi in December 2008, LEDs open up new possibilities for interior lighting. As in architecture, lighting scenarios can be developed that make vehicle operation safer at night, impressively enhance the impression of space, or create a very specific mood. It can be assumed that in the future, vehicle designers will focus their developments on the lighting of the vehicle interior.

This includes

  • The color adaptation of the lighting to the interior and
  • Lighting adaptation to outdoor conditions, etc.


In the ambient area, the investigation of the perception of colors plays a special role. Here, the tasks range from technical aspects of control to psychological effects in the area of color perception in the dark as well as specific driving situations.

Research activities

The activities follow from the technological-oriented work packages:

  • Consideration of human-perceptual behavior for the realization of interior lighting (color perception and impression).
  • Controllability of new generation LEDs.
  • Color behavior of different LEDs under environmental influences.
  • Measurement of color behavior, statements about optical quality.
  • Connection of perception, measurement, circuit realization and quality assurance.
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Stakeholders / Contacts: Dipl.-Ing. Roland Hildebrand
Komparative Studie zur Anwendung von Lumineszenzdioden in der Automobil-Industrie
Daniel Töws