Union of two research groups

inIT bundles competencies in the field of digital twin and cyber security

Looking forward to working together as a team: Natalia Moriz and Professor Henning Trsek.

The research group "Artificial Intelligence in Automation" around research group leader Natalia Moriz has been integrated into the research group "Networked Automation Systems" around Professor Henning Trsek since April 01. Moriz and Trsek expect considerable synergies and an improved external presentation of the entire institute through the integration of the research topics.

"By merging our two groups, we gain better visibility for the overall topic and we can bundle our respective competencies in the field of digital twinning," explains Moriz. Trsek adds, "With this combined competence, we can in turn strengthen and expand the research area of networked automation systems, especially the topics of digital twin and cyber security."

From now on, the focus of the newly structured working group "Networked Automation Systems" will be on the areas of information and knowledge modeling, digital twinning and cyber security. In a wide variety of application areas, progressive digitization is leading to information being available digitally, and this data is to be used accordingly for innovative applications. As a result, there is a growing need for suitable methods and technologies for modeling, automatic processing, and sufficient security of the available information and knowledge. "Merging our research areas is thus a logical consequence and corresponds to the current need, for example, in the manufacturing industry," concludes Trsek.

"It is very gratifying that we have been able to retain all the employees of the two groups, and we are looking forward to the joint research work as a team," says Moriz.