International university cooperation

A "matter of the heart" for inIT scientist Lukasz Wisniewski

inIT board member and group leader Dr.-Ing. Lukasz Wisniewski.

The Institute for Industrial Information Technology (inIT) at the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences in Lemgo is one of the leading research institutions in the field of industrial information technology. Interdisciplinarity, partnerships and cooperation with other research institutions, universities and companies, even across national borders, are the key to success here.

Close cooperation is also practiced with the Silesian University of Technology in Poland. Already in 2012, inIT board member and director of Fraunhofer IOSB-INA Professor Jürgen Jasperneite and his Polish contact Professor Piotr Gaj organized a special section in a renowned IEEE journal. This was followed by a joint journal paper in 2013 and annual affiliation of both sides in a technical program committee at the International Computer Network Conference hosted by Professor Gaj. InIT board member Dr. Lukasz Wisniewski is also a member here. In 2020, he organized another Special Section in a renowned IEEE Journal on "Heterogeneous Industrial Networks of the Current and Next-Generation Factories" with the Polish colleagues and other scientists from Italy.

In the course of this cooperation with the Polish University, Lukasz Wisniewski was invited to give five lectures to the PhD students there. "I am very happy about this opportunity, because for me this is a matter of the heart. I'm originally from Poland, too, and I'm happy to be able to show my compatriots the local research topics and progress," Wisniewski says. The planned five online lectures will revolve around the topic of "Quality of Service Communication in Cyber-Physical Systems." Dr. Wisniewski will highlight technologies such as 5G, TSN or Digital Twin in the industrial or smart city context, each time referring to current inIT research projects and results.

"My goal is that we also get into discussion during the lectures and exchange experiences together. Perhaps the next joint project ideas will already emerge in this way," says Wisniewski, already looking to the future.

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