Industrial Pioneers OWL: Solutions for the production of tomorrow

360 degree world: Industrial Pioneers shows solutions

What skills do employees need in the working world of tomorrow? How do we prevent the overproduction of food through digital technologies? And how can we use and recycle our raw materials sustainably? In Ostwestfalen Lippe, companies, research institutions and networks are working together to develop answers to these questions.

The virtual innovation show, organized by OstWestfalen Lippe GmbH and owl maschinenbau in cooperation with the leading-edge cluster it's OWL, will present solutions for social challenges and the economy of the future. In a 360-degree world, these solutions are prepared for visitors in ten themed rooms - from machine learning and AI in the world of work to open innovation and circular value creation to new approaches for the food and construction industries.

Click here to go to the 360 degree world: The Institute for Industrial Information Technology also presented the current state of its research in several themed rooms. Discover the inIT in the topic rooms Machine Learning, Digital Twin, AI in the World of Work and Smart Food Technologies.