"I was allowed to work on projects independently at an early stage"

inIT trainee Tomke Dickewied passes with a final grade of very good

Pleased with having passed the IT specialist training for system integration: Tomke Dickewied

When you think back to your training period, what do you remember most fondly? What did you particularly enjoy?

I enjoyed the contact with my work colleagues and my fellow trainees the most. Especially the table soccer games with my fellow trainee Pacome during lunch breaks were always a lot of fun, even though I usually lost. Apart from that, I also really enjoyed programming. Especially when you were able to implement a task that you had been working on for a while. Or when you could fix a stubborn error very easily.

In what way have you personally developed over the last three years?

I think I've become a lot more independent and have learned to assess myself better. I have also learned to organize myself better and to keep track of my tasks. Another point in which I have developed is taking responsibility for my actions, as I was assigned projects early on that I was allowed to take care of on my own.

How did Corona affect you at the end of your training? How was the time for you? What has changed?

Corona has affected me and my training to the extent that I've been working from my home office since the pandemic began. But fortunately, as a computer scientist, you can also work on everything relatively well from home. I simply saw and heard my instructor and fellow trainees via video conference. The vocational school was also influenced by Corona. We had a longer period of online classes and a little face-to-face instruction in between. Despite Corona, we were able to prepare for the exams very well.

Where do you go from here? What are your goals?

After my apprenticeship, I will continue to work part-time at inIT for a year and, in the meantime, catch up on my vocational baccalaureate so that I can then probably start a degree in the technical field.

What do you think distinguishes the training at inIT?

The training at inIT is characterized by a broad spectrum of different activities. You are not always limited to the activities of the professional field of system integration, but also have the opportunity to gain insights into the field of application development. Apart from that, the training is also characterized by the super working environment and, above all, the internationality of inIT.

What tips do you have for anyone who is interested in an apprenticeship here?

If you are interested, I would definitely give you the tip to apply for an apprenticeship at the inIT, because the inIT is a really good place for an apprenticeship. Another tip from me would be not to go crazy in a possible interview and to stay relaxed and not to pretend.

What expectations did you have when you started your apprenticeship and, looking back, have they been fulfilled?

I went into the training with the expectation that I would learn a lot of new things. I also expected to meet lots of new people and make new contacts. Another expectation was to be able to do a lot of practical work, so that I would get a very good feel for the profession and its daily workflow. All in all, looking back, my expectations were more than fulfilled, so that I was able to complete my training successfully and with satisfaction.