CTO and co-founder of the start-up aiXbrain Simon Görtzen visits inIT and TH OWL

Discussion of experiences and lively Q&A session on start-ups in the field of automation

Dr. Simon Görtzen is able to report on start-ups, automation and artificial intelligence from his own experience. His mathematics studies were followed by a PhD in electrical engineering and information theory at RWTH Aachen University on resource allocation in wireless radio networks. He is currently working as CTO and co-founder of the start-up aiXbrain, however, he had already gained knowledge as founder in another start-up before.

So the students were looking forward to a well-founded 30-minute lecture in the course "Applied Statistics". Simon Görtzen explained how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used profitably in production, automation and, machine construction, enriched by examples of projects from practice. Two common threads ran through his presentation: on the one hand, a lack of digitization in companies, which prevents the use of artificial intelligence, and on the other hand, the human factor. In this context, he advocated an open approach in communication with customers, both to achieve appropriate expectation management and to avoid communication barriers.

The lecture generated so much interest among the students that the 30-minute talk ended up taking up the full 90 minutes of lecture time because the questions wouldn't stop. "Actually, I wanted to continue with the lecture after 45 minutes, but the students had far too many interesting questions for that," said Prof. Lange-Hegermann, the organizer of this lecture.

This shows the high level of interest and also the potential that the site has to offer.  During the studies and also afterwards there are many possible careers for the students at TH OWL. Especially in the environment of the Innovation Campus Lemgo (ICL), with the Institute Industrial IT (inIT) and the CENTRUM INDUSTRIAL IT (CIIT), a job in automation is offered. In addition, start-ups, small companies with growth potential, are promising opportunities for TH OWL students to implement their own ideas. They are actively supported whenever possible.