Time to say goodbye after 14 years

Professor Stefan Heiss has reoriented himself

As a founding and board member, Prof. Dr. Stefan Heiss will be reorienting himself after 14 years of active research and has left the Institute for Industrial IT. During his time at inIT, Stefan Heiss has conducted research on topics related to cryptography and IT security and has published in these research areas for many years. 

In particular, Stefan Heiss has focused on IT security of Ethernet-based communication networks for applications in the automation industry and mechanical and plant engineering.

Having played a major role in shaping the inIT since its inception, Prof. Heiss will devote himself intensively to teaching mathematics in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering at TH OWL and will focus his efforts on student qualifications.

However, he will remain closely connected to his inIT colleagues on a collegial level.